The Tale of Gurion Thricebound

July 1, 2016: The Tale of Gurion Thricebound, a prequel to The Chronicles of Tevenar, is now available at Amazon.GurionTricboundSmall

When a riot breaks out at his son’s coming-of-age ceremony, high-ranking wizard Gurion Elero sets out to investigate its cause. He discovers a hidden threat. The magicless Unchosen have endured years of exploitation and abuse by the ruling wizards. Now a group of revolutionaries seek to inflame their anger into violence. Gurion must stop them before they destroy everything he knows and loves.

But the more he learns about their cause, the more he questions the truths he’s always believed. Did the Mother really grant wizards authority along with her powers, or have they used her gifts in ways she never intended? And how far can they go before she acts to stop them?

The answers will set Gurion at odds with his family and friends, brand him a traitor to the leaders he once served, bring him face-to-face with the Mother herself, and launch him on an epic journey into the unknown.