Into The Storm

September 7, 2017: Into The Storm, a prequel to The Chronicles of Tevenar, is now available at Instafreebie.

Larine’s life is good.  She loves her work as a wizard, her best friend is the Guildmaster, her troubled son is finally thriving, and she’s together at last with the man she’s dreamed about for years.

Then one hot, sunny, late summer afternoon, a warning arrives.  A giant storm is heading straight for Elathir, threatening everything Larine knows and loves. The Guildmaster has a plan to save the city, but it will require unimaginable sacrifice.

Larine and her fellow wizards face a terrible choice. Some will live and some will die. For unless enough wizards volunteer to spend their lives to turn aside the storm, thousands of people will perish beneath the wind and waves.

Into the Storm originally appeared in Light in the Darkness: A Noblebright Fantasy Boxed Set, which is no longer available.Light in the Darkness Cover