Beyond the Boundary Stones

Published January 5, 2016: Beyond the Boundary Stones, Book 3 of The Chronicles of Tevenar is now available at Amazon. Read the first chapter here.


Wizards have returned to Ravanetha a thousand years after the Mother took her power away. Josiah and Elkan must deal with the overwhelming need for their healing powers, and that’s just the beginning.

The Matriarch, desperate for an heir, seeks to control them. The Purifiers abhor their familiars as demons. The Dualists consider their powers evil. And every faction hungers to possess vulnerable Tevenar.

Meanwhile, an old enemy is recruiting surgeons and snake-oil salesmen to capitalize on the wizards’ fame. Can the wizards navigate the dangerous path that will allow them to save Tevenar from famine and restore the Mother’s power to a needy world?