The Chronicles of Tevenar

For a thousand years, the Wizard’s Guild has served the people of Tevenar. Chosen by the Mother, wizards use her gifts to heal, help, and judge. Animal familiars are both the source of their powers and insurance they will never abuse them.

But all that is put at risk when the outside world rediscovers Tevenar. The people of Ravanetha both crave and despise the wizards’ legendary magic. Can the wizards bring the Mother’s power to a needy world, or will vulnerable Tevenar fall to the forces of fear and hatred?

The Chronicles of Tevenar is a four-book series. All of them are available on Amazon in ebook and paperback, and and can be borrowed through the Kindle Unlimited program.

Book 1: The Fuller’s Apprentice

Book 2: The Law of Isolation

Book 3: Beyond the Boundary Stones

Book 4: The Wizards’ War

There are also three prequel novellas:

Calling is available free at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other eBook retailers.

Broken Bonds is free when you subscribe to my mailing list.

Into the Storm is free on Instafreebie.

And one prequel novel:

The Tale of Gurion Thricebound