Nothing But The Truth

Nothing But The Truth Ebook Cover

Date:  Nothing But The Truth, is available to purchase in trade paperback and Kindle editions.

Lies make Allison sick. Literally. When someone near her says something they know isn’t true, her stomach churns and stabbing pains shoot through her head. Too many lies, and she vomits or passes out. As psychic powers go, hers sucks.

Sometimes it’s useful, though. Like when her friend Jessie is murdered, and all the evidence points to their chemistry teacher. When Allison hears him declare his innocence, she knows he’s telling the truth. The police don’t believe her. So armed with nothing but her built-in lie detector and the help of a few friends, Allison sets out to find Jessie’s real killer.

But truth can be complicated. Liars don’t like people who can see through their deceits. And the guilty are dangerous when they fear their crimes will be exposed. Allison’s gift is the key to solving the mystery, though it makes her uniquely vulnerable to those ruthless enough to exploit it. But the more she learns, the more determined she becomes to risk whatever danger threatens to uncover the full truth and bring her friend’s killer to justice.