Weekly Update

Hi, all. Sorry for the irregularity of the updates lately. Summer is in full swing and my schedule is crazy, with lots of travel, events, and activities for all the members of my family.

The Tale of Gurion Thricebound is out and available for you to buy or borrow. I hope you give it a try; it’s got some of my favorite characters and story arcs that I’ve written. It covers a lot of territory. I considered breaking it into four books, because it’s made up of four distinct parts, each of which could have stood on it’s own with a little tweaking. Ultimately I decided it worked better as a single volume. But it’s like you’re getting four books in one.:)

Right now I’m working on Into the Storm. I’m very close to finishing all the editing. It’s going to be part of a multi-author box set coming out in October. More details will be forthcoming soon!
I’m helping my daughter launch a beta reading/editing business. While she’s gaining experience her rates are very affordable! If you have a project you need feedback on and don’t have the time to swap critiques with another writer, give her a try: https://www.fiverr.com/lexterre/beta-read-and-proofread-5000-words-of-fiction

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