Monday Update

I’m going to start doing my Monday Updates here on my blog, then sharing them to Facebook, instead of posting them to Facebook directly. We’ll see how that works.

Last week and this week have been a little crazy, because we’ve been getting painting and tile work done on our house. It’s looking great, but there have been workers in and out all the time, and access to the kitchen and living room have been cut off at various times. I leave the house to write anyway, so it hasn’t completely disrupted my work, but I’ll be glad when they finish and I can go back to my regular routine. Of course, we’re already shifting to a summer schedule. Bethany is home from college for the summer, and Gareth will be finished with his freshman year in high school in a couple of weeks. I usually get less work done when the kids are home all day. But now that they’re both old enough to take care of themselves and maybe even get jobs, I hope I’ll be able to continue to get in 3-5 hours most days.

I’m continuing to work on revising Hero’s Journey. I’m also going over Into the Storm one more time before sending it of for betaing. Whenever the edits on Gurion Thricebound come back, I’ll drop Hero’s Journey and go to work on the final revision pass for GT. Then I’ll format it for print so I’ll be ready to order a print proof as soon as the cover art is ready.

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