The Tale of Gurion Thricebound is now available for purchase in both Kindle and trade paperback formats.

It is a standalone prequel to my series The Chronicles of Tevenar, and can be enjoyed whether or not you’ve read any of the other books.


Wizard. Father. Prophet. Spy. Traitor. Hero. Legend.

Everything Gurion Elero has ever believed is a lie. Like all wizards, he has been granted magical powers by the Mother—powers that give his kind the right to rule over and exploit the Unchosen masses. But when the Oligarchs he serves order him to take part in the violent suppression of an Unchosen uprising, he is forced to confront the brutal truth of the wizards’ reign.

Appalled by their abuse of her gifts, the Mother withdraws her favor from the wizards, leaving them powerless—and helpless to intervene when a deadly plague spreads through Ravanet. Undeterred, Oligarch Darani tightens her vicious stranglehold. Gurion leaves behind his family and way of life to live among the Unchosen, turning spy for the very rebellion he once sought to stamp out.

Darkness is gathering, death is coming from all sides, and Darani will stop at nothing to destroy her enemies and secure her dominion over Ravanet. A reckless attempt to regain the Mother’s favor may be the only way to save wizard and Unchosen alike. As the specter of war looms, Gurion must marshal his courage, rally his people to battle, and face those who have betrayed him—and those he has betrayed.